Platform Usage Fees & Charges

NFT Monk does not charge any gas fees to any of our users, enabling efficient adoption of NFT’s.

Fees – All prices are including GST.

Gas Fees – NIL
Creation Fees – ₹ 99.00
Listing Fees – ₹ 25.00
Delisting Fees – ₹ 99.00
Price Change Fees – ₹ 50.00
Sale proceeding (Seller) – 5 % of selling price.
Sale proceeding (Buyer) – NIL.

All payments are made via authorised payment gateways in INR against GST enabled Invoices only – We do not accept cryptocurrency payments as a mode of  payment or transaction.
Refund Policy

Refund policy of Digimonk Smartsoft Private Limited or its platform NFT Monk states that all the refund process is through its authorized payment gateway and all the refunds will be directed through that channel. If any of the transaction fails during processing due to any reason and the amount is deducted from your account the same would be reversed within 7 working days.

We provide no refund for any of the transactions which are successfully completed that requires communication with the blockchain for its completion. This includes NFT Minting (creation), NFT Listing , NFT Delisting, NFT buying and any other transactions.