Our Story

About NFT Monk

NFTs are something that you need to be part of! Established by Digimonk Smartsoft Private Limited in 2022, We make it easy for even if you don’t know how to use any cryptocurrency, with just INR. You can buy and sell NFTs for INR, and there’s no need to worry about anything else!

Our mission

Making NFT’s accessible to everyone in a safe & responsible way.

At NFT Monk, we bring to you a new type of digital asset called Non Fungible token or NFT’s. These are digital goods like any other goods and they can be traded , can be gifted to anyone or destroyed. We aim to bring one of the most promising investment avenue to the large chunk of population world wide and make it easy for the masses to enter the Web3 space responsibly and without any fear.

What we do

Keeping It Simple

NFT Monk is India’s first and only marketplace for NFTs designed in the simplest way possible.

NFTs have tremendous potential – from artistic endeavors to social networks and gaming. But they’re not easy to get started with, are confusing and complicated, and you can’t buy or sell most anywhere.

We provide a safe and secure marketplace and a specialised blockchain wallet through which anyone can mint, buy and trade NFT’s and build their portfolios of NFT’s.

For beginners

Watch our NFT guide for beginners

We are here to assist you in everyway possible.
We have compiled a video series to help you understand and navigate through NFT’s.

We recommend everyone to deep dive into the learning material to understand risks and rewards associated with NFT’s.


Meet our partners

Our company was founded in 2022. We work daily to become better and we are ready to share best practices.